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Secondary Offerings

At Stafford Schools, we believe in empowering students by offering engaging secondary specialty programs that cater to their unique learning styles, preferences, and aspirations. Our secondary specialty programs, tailored to individual needs, provide a diverse range of opportunities for rising high school students to explore and excel in their chosen fields.

Students entering ninth grade in 2024-2025 and beyond have the chance to select from three types of secondary offerings, each designed to align with their interests and future goals:

  1. Stafford Specialty Centers: These centers, nestled within our high schools, offer immersive experiences tailored to specific career fields, providing a community of like-minded peers, specialized coursework, and pathways leading to immediate entry into the workforce or further education.

  2. Stafford Secondary Program Pathways: These programs offer advanced coursework designed to deepen students' knowledge and skills in specific fields or careers. Available in various durations, from one to four years, these pathways empower students to delve deeper into their chosen areas of study.

  3. Regional School Programs: Our regional school offerings (ATI-UMW and CGS) provide specialized coursework and unique experiences, presenting students with exciting opportunities for growth and exploration.

At Stafford Schools, we're committed to fostering a learning environment that supports students in discovering their passions, preparing them for future success, and helping them thrive in their chosen pathways.