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Career and Technical Education

Stafford Schools provide diverse Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs aimed at enhancing students' academic and technical skills, catering to those seeking employment, military enlistment, or further education after high school. These programs offer hands-on experiences and practical applications through Work-Based Learning (WBL) methods and Career and Technical Student Organizations, fostering leadership opportunities.

Key points about CTE include:

1. Relevance and Career Preparation: CTE emphasizes practical, hands-on experiences preparing students for high-demand careers, military service, or post-secondary education.

2. Program Areas: Stafford Schools offer CTE courses in various fields, including Agriculture, Business and Information Technology, Career Connections, Family and Consumer Science, Health and Medical Science, Marketing, Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC), Technology Education, and Trade and Industrial Education.

3. Workplace Readiness Skills (WRS): Virginia's Workplace Readiness Skills (WRS) encompass personal qualities, interpersonal skills, and professional competencies, reinforcing learning and vital attributes for success in CTE courses.

4. CTE Completer and Sequential Electives: Students pursuing diplomas enhance their career plans by enrolling in CTE courses. Sequential electives should be chosen from the same discipline or subject area for qualification as sequential electives.

5. CTE Industry Credentials: Students have opportunities to earn industry credentials, which validate advanced educational preparation and add value to their transcripts for post-secondary education or employment. Credentials can include State-Issued Professional Licenses, Industry Certifications from recognized associations, Occupational Competency Assessments, and Workplace Readiness Skills certifications from CTE Consortium of States (CTECS).

Students are encouraged to explore CTE offerings aligned with their interests and career plans, seeking guidance from CTE teachers or counselors for more information on credential opportunities and course selection. These programs aim to equip students with essential skills and credentials necessary for success in various career paths.